Comfort underfoot

We understand how hard-working healthcare staff can spend the whole day on their feet and how this can affect a person’s level of comfort. That’s why we feel passionately that floor surfaces need to provide comfort underfoot while maintaining ease of movement.

Some softer floors may cause indentation and rolling load resistance. This can be especially common in healthcare where machinery, beds and other equipment are being moved throughout the facility frequently. Our 2.85mm Altro Orchestra offers comfort underfoot which is great for hardworking staff who are on their feet a lot and low residual indentation facilitates the flexible use of equipment and furniture, including hospital beds. At the same time, the integrated impact sound insulation system cuts impact sound by up to 15dB.  

Our new Altro Wood Safety Comfort is also 2.85mm and offers aesthetics combined with comfort underfoot. It is the ideal choice for areas that need to look good while helping to give comfort underfoot, such as hospital corridors and patient rooms. It is suitable for wheeled traffic and offers 14dB impact sound reduction and comes in a number of attractive designs for design flexibility.

To help you choose the right floors and walls for each area of a hospital, the Altro Product Selector offers guidance in an instant.