Design in healthcare

Aesthetics for wellbeing

As healthcare professionals and specifiers are aware, a well-designed environment significantly improves patient care and medical outcomes and decreases medical errors.¹ In the past, cleanliness was the main focus of designing a healing environment, leading to healthcare facilities possessing a clinical and cold aesthetic. By incorporating good design, facilities can provide better outcomes for patients and staff.  They can also last longer.²  Innovative design can use technology and materials to support both physical and emotional wellbeing.

At Altro we understand the complex challenges faced when designing healthcare environments.  We work with you every step of the way, from specification to installation, to transform hospitals into environments that promote wellbeing.  Altro floors and walls can be used to create a biophilic design – using shades and images found in nature.  This helps create a sense of calm and studies have shown it can speed up the recovery process. 

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