Colour and aesthetics

Colour is all around us — from green grass and blue skies to beautiful orange sunsets and freshly bloomed flowers — and it impacts our lives more than we realise. It can affect our thinking, mood and, most importantly, our overall health. According to The Healthy Home Economist, “Modern research suggests that, yes, colour does have a profound impact on how we feel and our biological functions.”

At Altro we can work with you to achieve your design ambitions through colour. Not only do we consider a good design, but how to use design to make for a pleasant environment and influence how people feel, physically and emotionally. Altro floors and walls come in up to 43 colours and can be combined to create an impervious, easy to clean environment that is anything but clinical. You can add comfort and acoustic options to help create additional comfort underfoot and reduce sound reverberations. So hospitals can provide the healing environment patients, staff and visitors need and improve outcomes.