Design options

Altro Whiterock provides up to 43 shades, from calming neutrals to bold brights. Nature images on Altro Whiterock Digiclad help bring the outside in. Combined with the design and colour options that Altro floors offer, they will fit any interior design.

Altro floors have comfort and acoustic options to help reduce noise and make a pleasant environment for your staff.  For example, Altro Serenade provides 19dB sound reduction to reduce noise and give more privacy to patients and their families.  Altro Orchestra and Altro Wood Safety Comfort provide 15dB sound reduction and comfort underfoot, helping reduce fatigue for staff on their feet all day and contributing to a pleasant working environment. They also provide low residual indentation for heavy equipment and furniture.  Where required, we also have floors options in up to 40 shades.

We’re always happy to provide guidance on colour palettes and wayfinding; please get in touch