Good design

As you know, good design can reduce negative behaviour and promote positive patient outcomes. Reducing stress and creating a safe and positive environment promotes patient recovery and enhances staff confidence and morale. Colour, light, texture, noise reduction, ambience and personalisation all have a vital role to play. 

Working with experts, we understand the needs of hospitals to create specialist rooms and environments for mental health wards, as well as adapting environments to help service users in general wards to feel safe and comfortable while they are being treated.

Creating a great experience

The five senses come into any good design. Areas that have a lot of footfall and are busy at all hours benefit from acoustic floors to muffle sound, such as Altro Serenade acoustic floors. Sensory or therapy rooms can use lights and wall surfaces such as Altro Whiterock hygienic walls to reflect soothing colours and lights.

Adhesive-free floors have no associated odours which could cause residents discomfort. They are also quick to install, and any damage can be quickly rectified. Just cut the damaged area, lay new floor and weld. No need to close areas for days or even weeks to refurbish and repair. Altro Cantata provides an easy-to-clean solution, and Altro XpressLay provides additional safety underfoot for areas with a high risk of spills from water.

If you do not find the exact vinyl flooring or wall sheet that you require, please call us to discuss your options for a bespoke solution.