Working with you on design

Altro help you design from initial consultation to product selection, installation, and continuing customer support. We take into account service users’ diverse needs and help create an environment which:

  • engages with actual clinical teams and service user groups to understand full requirements
  • feels comfortable and non-threatening, reduces stress and contributes to the safety of staff and service users
  • is therapeutic, reduces acoustics, prevents crowding, has good natural light and ventilation
  • is homely and suitable for extended stays, with a range of communal areas for therapy rooms to socialising areas
  • provides functional security
  • supports the development of relational security
  • allows for the provision of a low stimulus environment
  • facilitates visibility, access and safe movement around the built environment
  • minimises the potential for fixtures and fittings to be used as weapons against others, barriers or for self-harm, including ligature
  • soundproofs noisy service areas
  • prevents the spread of infection and contamination
  • is easy to clean and maintain, delivering a caring message to the service user, their families and staff
  • facilitates service user observation, while maintaining privacy and dignity
  • places high importance on life cycle costs and long-term development needs, to future-proof current areas to allow for expansion and flexibility of function
  • avoids products with woven fibre backing, as they can be used as a ligature
  • creates an easy to navigate home away from home environment for different people and different behaviours.