Effective wayfinding in hospitals


Using floors in different colours or designs can serve as a directional tool and create pathways, helping people identify routes, especially in busy circulation areas. Flooring can also be used to encourage preferred routes and natural transition between spaces. Changes in flooring can help alert people to ‘no entry’ zones and differentiate between public and private areas.


In a hospital, images and artwork on the walls can also be beneficial for service users, staff and visitors. It can lend a special identity, individuality and character to the area.

Artwork can be used as a tool to bring biophilic principles into the space, and it can also create landmarks and features to help with navigation.

Altro Whiterock Digiclad allows you to create a bespoke design on the Altro Whiterock wall sheet. This could include a logo, lettering or artwork to support wayfinding.

HBN 00-01 guidance

Although labelling, colour-coding and using artwork effectively are some of the popular ways to support good wayfinding, there are many more ideas and considerations to take into account. The Health Building Note 00-01 gives general design guidance for healthcare buildings and includes many points about wayfinding including consideration for arriving inside, circulation and patient rooms.