“Only perfect harmony in its technical functions as well as in its proportions can result in beauty.” Walter Gropius

As healthcare professionals and specifiers know all too well, the wellbeing of service users, staff and visitors is paramount.  Whether it’s making sure the hospital is easy to navigate, to creating environments that are safe, clean and welcoming, Altro can help you meet your goals.  Altro have designed a full package of floors and walls that provide an easy to clean, colourful and safe environment that can put people at ease and give them a positive experience.  With Altro you can create a warm and welcoming space to reduce the anxiety and stress service users and visitors feel in an unfamiliar environment.

From bright and welcoming entrances, through robust corridors to calm and soothing patient rooms—and everywhere in between—we can work with you to create an environment that promotes the wellbeing of all.  With Altro’s extensive colour palette you can ensure hospitals are comforting, not clinical.

Altro solutions are easy to clean and maintain, helping to prevent HCAIs and cross-infection.  Not only can they be used to create a healing atmosphere; with correct cleaning regimes and standards— including hand hygiene—they can also help reduce the spread of infection.