The benefits of our solutions aren’t limited to safety and hygiene. Our floors and walls have been developed to last and to cope with the demands of the food industry both inside and outside of the kitchen. As you will know, floors need to cope not only with foot traffic and heavy loads but also at installation, when equipment and fittings are being moved. Our floors are developed to withstand these stresses; no ripping, no rucking, and this includes our adhesive-free options. The Altro Fortis wall, door and corner protection system protects up to dado height, keeping those vulnerable areas safe from trolley, chair, bag and foot damage. Its colour runs through so scuff-visibility is reduced, keeping the wall looking newer for longer.

Our floors and walls have some of the longest guarantees in the industry, as well as technical support for life.

“With Altro Whiterock difficult areas, such as the outer and inner corners were glued quickly and easily. The material was thermally formed locally and adapted to the structural conditions. The panels look great and are quick and easy to clean, and mould has no chance to grow.”

Markus Bürger, Chef and Owner, Zwanzigzehn Burgers, Hemer, Germany.