Our collaborative approach

Altro have been creating and manufacturing high quality bus flooring for almost 60 years. Driven to transform everyday spaces for the people who use them, design-led innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Working closely with the industry’s leading bus and coach builders and operators globally, we aim to create environments for passengers which are both inviting and safe.

Here at Altro we:

  • consider all aspects of the journey a vehicle floor takes throughout its lifetime; both in service and during manufacture and maintenance
  • partner with manufacturers and operators, providing solutions designed to enhance passenger experience and add efficiencies to assembly and maintenance
  • take a collaborative approach allowing customers to create bus and coach interiors that are safe, durable, comfortable and visually appealing to all passengers of all circumstances
  • share our customers’ vision of making vehicles and fleets a more appealing, convenient and environmentally-conscious way to travel

Discover the full range of Altro bus flooring products: Altro Transflor Chroma, Altro Transflor Meta, Altro Transflor Figura, and Altro Transflor Wood.

Altro Transflor Chroma in an Abellio London bus