Pre-cut flooring service

Pre-cut flooring for faster, easier installations

With time pressure being a constant challenge to bus and coach builders and operators alike, we have developed our pre-cut flooring service to enhance installation efficiencies. Minimising installation time and waste, Altro’s precision-cutting technology simplifies the process of fitting a floor, so that interior assembly time can be reduced to a minimum. Using a floorplan of the intended application area, we use our in-house technology to prepare your order to the exact dimensions required. It is then delivered in convenient pre-cut pieces, saving you time and effort. Especially useful for those tricky confined areas with turns, twists and undulations, Altro's pre-cut flooring service allows flooring to be easily laid and welded to provide the most direct route to installation success.

Logos and signage

The accuracy of our cutting technology also enables us to offer the production of intricate detailing that can be inlaid directly into the floor. From universal signage and wayfinding solutions through to exact recreations of your company logo, precision-cut icons and sign designs will save you time and make your vehicles stand out.