Self-adhesive for bus and coach

Installation advantages

Designed specifically to remove the need for manual adhesive application and curing times, Altro self-adhesive flooring provides excellent time-saving possibilities for your bus or coach installation. The pressure-sensitive backing is available for all our bus flooring products and offers enhanced efficiencies without compromising performance, as:

  • once positioned and bonded, self-adhesive flooring can be welded and walked on immediately, allowing interior assembly and refurbishment to continue without delay
  • the solution works with all commonly used subfloors, providing consistent results every time. It can also be used with pre-cut kits to achieve even greater efficiencies
  • it is an easy to use, intuitive system
  • mess is reduced by removing the need for adhesive mixing and application
  • the eradication of manual adhesive processes reduces VOC emissions to ensure a cleaner interior air quality for your installation team

Meanwhile, the uniform application of adhesive applied to the backing results in an adhesive weight saving of 60% per m² compared to the recommended applications of polyurethane and contact adhesives.

Two Optare technicians preparing to install Altro Transflor Chroma with Altro self-adhesive