Like any interior component, Altro bus and coach flooring is designed to be visually appealing, however, design is just one area of consideration. All of our transport floors are intelligently engineered throughout the entire thickness of the floor to provide maximum performance.


Our products contain a variety of aggregates which are embedded into the flooring to provide excellent slip resistance, safeguarding passenger footing to ensure they can move through a vehicle safely no matter what the outside weather conditions may be, ensured for the lifetime of the vehicle.


Buses incur extremely high levels of concentrated foot traffic, so hardwearing durability is a necessity of any floor. Altro’s highly resilient bus floors are designed to withstand the most demanding service regimes – a quality backed up by guarantees that cover the life expectancy of the vehicle.


We ensure that our bus flooring products are as light as they can be, whilst still maintaining the safety aspects that we pride ourselves on. We’ve engineered our floors to be lighter than before, without compromising on safety. 


Even if contaminants are brought on board a vehicle, Altro transport floors continue to perform. The construction of our products, combined with heat welded installation techniques, makes them impervious to the ingress of water and dirt, protecting vehicle subfloors from damage and preventing the need for costly repairs.

Colour retentive

All Altro bus floors are tested to ensure UV stability. This ensures that areas exposed to greater levels of sunlight maintain their appearance over time. Our floors also support time-sensitive cleaning regimes to preserve the long-term visual appeal of vehicle interiors.

Altro Transflor Wood installed on the stairwell of a Reading Buses bus