Cleaning and maintenance

Altro Transflor Wood in contrasting colours on one of the vehicles of the Nottingham City Buses fleet

Save time

Altro appreciate that the cleaning regimes on busy services are frequently subject to significant time constraints, so we consider these conditions when developing products with an aim to assist as effectively as possible. Our bus products are produced with Altro EasyClean technology to provide maximum protection against stains, dirt retention and facilitate easier cleaning.

Maintain appearance

Cleaning regimes are further complemented by the random scatter patterns of flooring aggregates in Altro Transflor Chroma and Altro Transflor Figura, which aside from enhancing slip resistance, also distract the eye to break up the appearance of common dirt deposits. This ultimately means that standard daily cleaning regimes are sufficient to ensure the floor retains its appearance between incremental maintenance deep cleans.

For best results, Altro recommends the use of AltroClean 44 or a similar alkaline cleaner. Want to know more? View our full cleaning guidance online.