Design possibilities for rail

Altro Transflor Met in a custom colour and design installed on a Grand Central vehicle

Create an impression

First impressions count, so Altro’s established product ranges have been designed to enable you to create interior spaces that positively shape passengers’ perceptions of your brand. Working closely with manufacturers and operators, we create inviting interior spaces which offer comfort and visual appeal.

Creative freedom

Each range of Altro rail flooring has been developed with the insight of independent vehicle interior designers to better meet the needs of builders and operators alike. Product ranges offer thoughtful colour palettes to suit various vehicle types for maximum choice and appeal. Designs also offer practical choices to support cleaning regimes for high foot traffic areas, enhancing longevity. And if you want to achieve something different, we have the ability to create custom colours and designs,* opening up a world of possibilities.

*Conditions apply

Our space visualiser lets you place any of our floors in a vehicle environment to help you make the right design choice.