Hundreds of thousands of people travel by train every day as a more environmentally friendly option than driving, so we believe that we should make every effort to help make train travel as sustainable as possible. We believe that fitting vehicles with sustainably-conscious components shows a demonstrable commitment to the environment.

Raw materials

At Altro, sustainability drives the choices we make. It starts with the environmentally friendly raw materials we choose to go into our products which enable us to produce orthophthalate-free vinyl floors containing bio-plasticisers.


Our commitment to sustainability has also enabled us to become the first manufacturer to recycle traditional safety flooring in-house. Altro flooring even contains recycled particulates including post-consumer recycled glass, which would otherwise be destined for landfill.

Since 2014 we’ve achieved 0% waste-to-landfill, an achievement to be proud of. And to further support our ongoing vision – and those of our customers – we engineer our flooring to be as lightweight as possible to enhance running efficiency.

Chopped up waste vinyl flooring being stored before recycling at Altro HQ