Cleaning and maintenance

Altro Transflor Met in a custom Figura design on a Grand Central vehicle

Save time

We appreciate that the cleaning regimes on busy rail services are frequently subject to significant time constraints, so we aim to assist as effectively as possible by producing all our rail products with Altro Easyclean technology. Our floors have the maximum protection against stains and dirt retention, therefore facilitating easier cleaning.

Maintain appearance

For the best results on rail floors, Altro recommends the use of AltroClean 44 or a similar alkaline cleaner. Find out more information with our cleaning guidance. Cleaning regimes are further complemented by the random scatter patterns of flooring aggregates. Not only for slip-resistance, our aggregates distract the eye to break up the appearance of common dirt deposits. This ultimately means that standard daily cleaning regimes are sufficient to ensure the floor retains its appearance between incremental maintenance deep cleans.

Want to combine the pattern complexity of carpet with the durability and ease of cleaning of vinyl? Ask us about custom making your train floor material with our Figura patterns – using our slip resistant aggregates to create stunning patterns, looking great while drawing the eye away from any dirt particles and avoiding any odours.