Pre-cut flooring

Pre-cut flooring for transport

In collaboration with global bus and rail manufacturers, we’ve developed our pre-cut flooring service to enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and refurbishment partners to save time and reduce the environmental impact of their installations. Ordering your flooring pre-cut to your specification is a more efficient and less wasteful way to achieve consistent, cost effective, high-quality installations for vehicles. It couldn’t be simpler.

Our pre-cut flooring service is available with all of our transport products.

Plan for a fast, easy installation

Simply choose your flooring and send us your bill of materials alongside any relevant technical drawings in .dxf format, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll use our state-of-the-art in house cutting technology to pre-cut your flooring order into handy, smaller pieces ready to unroll and install. All pieces will be clearly labelled and packed according to your specific requirements and panel locations.

Save time

With our pre-cut flooring service, time spent measuring and cutting flooring – as well as the extra space needed to do so – is a thing of the past. Your flooring will be delivered in handy smaller pieces in individual rolls, for easier manual handling. Once unrolled and acclimatised, simply dry fit the pieces into place, trim if needed, then stick down, roll and weld.

Save waste – and the planet

We are proud to help you play your part in reducing waste in your vehicle assembly. We set up our in-house cutting technology so that offcuts and waste are minimal – and, in the UK, even those go into our in-house recycling system to save them from landfill. We are proud that Altro HQ has sent zero waste to landfill since 2014.

Go all the way

Altro offer a range of services to help streamline your installation which can be used separately, or all together as an efficient system. Eliminate harmful VOC emissions, adhesive application and curing time, as well as 60% adhesive weight per square metre with our self-adhesive service. Speak to us today about combining our services for installation success.