Altro Whiterock Installation 1: Site requirements

In the first part of our Altro Whiterock installation series, we run through the site requirements needed for an optimum Altro Whiterock installation.

These videos demonstrate the installation of Altro products they are for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon as a demonstration of safe working practice. The responsibility for ensuring the safety of any installation rests with you/your employer. All necessary risk assessments / documentation and relevant PPE should be in place prior to the installation beginning.

Please also note that these videos were prepared prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. You should adhere to Government and HSE guidance when planning your installation.

  • Altro Whiterock Installation 1: Site requirements

  • Altro Whiterock Installation 10: Hot welded joint

  • Altro Whiterock Installation 11: Altro Whiterock Flexijoint

  • Altro Whiterock Installation 2: Workstation

  • Altro Whiterock Installation 3: Setting out

  • Altro Whiterock Installation 4: Application tape

  • Altro Whiterock Installation 6: Adhesives

  • Altro Whiterock Installation 7: Fitting the sheet

  • Altro Whiterock Installation 8: Thermoforming

  • Altro Whiterock Installation 9: Finishing details

  • How to guide - Installing Altro Ensemble

  • How to guide - Access cover

  • How to guide - Applying DPM

  • How to guide - Capping and coving

  • How to guide - Cutting internal and external mitres

  • How to guide - Drain outlet

  • How to guide - Finish door architrave

  • How to guide - Installing adhesive free floors

  • How to guide - Installing Altro Everlay

  • How to guide - Installing and welding an alternative mitre

  • How to guide - Installing the floor

  • How to guide - Welding internal and external mitres