The Altro walls system was introduced to the market over 35 years ago and has been a market leader ever since. Providing you with creative freedom and wide ranging vision our effective, impervious walls systems include the reassurance of a 20-year system guarantee delivering a safe, hygienic, decorative and fire-compliant walls solution.

Our walls system has a range of design-led options and textures giving you flexibility with colours and shades to fit aesthetic and performance requirements giving you endless possibilities.

Complete flexibility

Altro Whiterock offers a choice of hygienic wall sheets - from cool, crisp white to vibrant colours and patterned or personalised wall schemes meaning we can provide you with complete design flexibility for any environment. To complete the look, we also offer Altro Fortis, our protection system for walls, doors and corners in different size options.

Reassuring expertise

Our insight and expertise can help you transform everyday spaces into environments that can improve the users’ wellbeing. We can also provide you with experienced technical support before, during and after your installation, for life.

We invented the hygienic walls system in 1982 and our guarantee is our promise to you.

And don’t forget; if it’s not Altro, it’s not Whiterock.

Discover our complete walling package

giving elegance to interior walls

for areas where hygiene is paramount

when aesthetics and colour are important

make a bold statement

a great bespoke choice for feature walls

a popular alternative for behind basins and worktops

gives children the chance to colour to their hearts' content

versatile wall mounted note board

innovative tile-effect walls

tough protection for walls

keeping corners safe from scuffs and damage

perfect everyday hygienic wall solution