Walls product matrix

Name Type and installation Key benefits No of colours
Altro Fortis corner protection PVC sheet, fully bonded Ready-made piece for added protection along the wall’s vulnerable corner. Co-ordinates with Altro Fortis Titanium. 10
Altro Fortis Titanium PVC sheet, fully bonded Durable protection for walls, doors and corners. Suitable for busy public areas, subject to high levels of traffic such as in education and healthcare. Impervious and easy-to-maintain. Co-ordinates with Altro Fortis corner protection. 10
Altro Whiterock Chameleon PVC sheet, fully bonded Bold and glossy, this wall sheet will add glamour in high end public areas such as boutiques, receptions and wet environments. Durable and hygienic, it offers all the benefits of the Altro Whiterock sheet. 16
Altro Whiterock Digiclad PVC sheet, fully bonded Custom print option utilising UV cured inks onto an Altro Whiterock sheet from your photographic image or vector art. Great for feature walls, logos and to aid with signage. Inspired, unique, durable solution. Custom
Altro Whiterock Satins PVC sheet, fully bonded Colourful, satin finish wall sheets with all the hygiene and durability of Altro Whiterock. Versatile and sophisticated, vary the mood to stimulate or soothe. Great in wet environments, wards and kitchens. 26
Altro Whiterock Splashbacks PVC sheet, fully bonded Pre-cut or custom-sized hygienic alternative to tiles. Choose from Altro Whiterock Satins or Altro Whiterock Chameleon sheets, enabling you to co-ordinate or contrast with the rest of the space. Great in serveries, spas and bathrooms. 45
Altro Whiterock wall designs PVC sheet, fully bonded Elegance and durability in natural wood, metal, stone and linen designs on an Altro Whiterock wall sheet, creating a design focal point. Ideal in public areas / bathrooms where you need to impress, without compromising on durability. 11
Altro Whiterock White PVC sheet, fully bonded Proven, high performance, hygienic alternative to ceramic tiles. Impact-resistant, impermeable, grout-free, easy maintenance. Pure white finish makes it a favourite in kitchens, clinical areas and bathrooms. 1