Quality guaranteed

Our Altro Whiterock system, including the sheet and accessories, has been designed to give you confidence and peace of mind with a BS 476 Class 0 fire rating when used as described in the installation guide. Altro Whiterock is constructed from the highest quality virgin-grade PVCu, with a tight molecular structure that prevents the ingress of moisture and odour. It incorporates additives for excellent UV stability and won’t discolour over time.

Altro Fortis Titanium is constructed from highly durable PVCu semi-rigid sheet, which is a dense, impervious material, resistant to bumps. It features a lightly textured surface, which camouflages scuffs, keeping the wall area looking better for longer.

Joints to meet all needs

We’ve developed a range of different, colour matched joints and trims to meet a range of differing needs. These include joints that are unobtrusive and almost invisible, joints that match your aesthetics, plus options which provide water-tightness, safety and security. Take a look at our wide selection of Altro joints, trims and accessories.

Managing timescales

You need never worry about low product stock as we maintain a large range of stock, including walls accessories, so you can benefit from short lead times helping to keep your projects on track. Overnight deliveries may also be possible – just ask.