Damage resistant


Altro Fortis Titanium has been specifically designed to protect wall surfaces and is dense, impervious and resistant to bumps - plus the colour runs throughout the sheet, reducing the visibility of any knocks or scrapes.

Impact testing

Our impact testing video demonstrates the hammer and drop ball tests, designed to show you the durability and impact resistance of ceramic tiles vs Altro Whiterock. As you can imagine, the ceramic tile shatters, the glaze cracks and bits fall off. With Altro Whiterock there is not a scratch, even the seven kilo sledgehammer bounces straight back at our able bodied tester!

Altro Whiterock has extremely high resistance to impact according to BS EN438-2-1991 Drop Ball Test. Impacts that leave ceramic faces damaged and vulnerable to water ingress barely make a scratch on this tough surface proving that Altro Whiterock provides a smooth, tough, durable, stain-resistant surface.