Walls accessories

Wall cladding jointing

Joints and junctions are a key part of system integrity. There are two really popular ways of creating junctions between your wall cladding and flooring. One is the overlap method, where the wall cladding overlaps the flooring and the junction is sealed with mastic. The other is the transition strip method.

When you install wall cladding, smooth, secure joints make cleaning easier and help stop dirt, moisture, bacteria or vermin from settling. Altro wall cladding can be secured using one of five different types of joint:

  • Welded: the most hygienic joint, it's flush to the surface, and the only one suitable for clean rooms and operating theatres. It's also suitable for general hospital use and kitchens.
  • Single-part: used for safety reasons, it's ideal for secure units as it can't be pulled off.
  • Two-part: the quickest and easiest joint to fit, it's aesthetically pleasing and forgiving on an uneven surface. Often used in kitchens, it can be used almost anywhere except specialist clean areas and secure units.
  • Altro Whiterock FlexiJoint: a slim, aesthetically-pleasing joint unique to Altro and available in pre-cut lengths. It can be used nearly everywhere apart from specialist clean areas and secure units.