“We were able to thermoform the material in our workshop offsite. This process heats the Altro Whiterock to a specific temperature, whereby components can then be moulded into the desired shape. So the entire over-cladding for columns, surrounds, lintel, and the working mechanism for the doors and fire shutter was prepared offsite ready for installation. It was essential to keep joins to a minimum to reduce infection on the ward, so we created a sealed finish wherever possible. This was a very complex process, made possible by our 3D modelling system. It is the most difficult job we have ever done, but shows how incredibly versatile Altro Whiterock can be in creating visually stunning designs in healthcare environments where patient safety and hygiene are top priorities.”

Danny Robinson, Director, Wallclad Floors and Doors Ltd

"The kitchen of a large hotel requires high levels of hygiene and safety to ensure optimum performance. Altro Stronghold 30 gives us the best results for leaks, compliance and a great improvement in the working conditions of chefs in terms of safety, hygiene and comfort."

Pep Gràcia, Technical Manager, MCD Group,Spain:

“We have maximised the benefits of Altro: security, ease of installation and aesthetics. As for standards and inspections, with Altro safety flooring there is no problem, as it is always above the requirements of the regulations and that is reassuring,”

Daniel Alcaide, Colober Flooring Light

"There was a lot to think about in our product selection, but one thing we were sure of right from the start was that it had to be Altro."

Lesley Meaker, Head of Salisbury District Hospital ArtCare design team, UK:

“I have experienced Altro in the past and not only do they have excellent customer service but high quality, top of the range products as well. The bathrooms that we installed using Altro safety flooring and Altro Whiterock Chameleon wall cladding were reasonably priced and of very high quality. I would only recommend and use Altro Aquarius and Altro Whiterock products.”

Dennis Stammer, Maintenance Manager, Ormond College, University of Melbourne, Australia:

"Hygiene is essential for safety. Unless the floor is easy to clean, it becomes an oily surface and it is less safe to walk on. Therefore it is important that it can be easily cleaned. The fact that we have chosen the same floor again for a larger area is a fantastic endorsement for Altro."

Tommy Johansson, Building and Property Manager, Gekas, Sweden:

"We are so pleased with the performance of Altro Walkway and Altro in general that we had no hesitation in specifying it again when it came to choosing flooring for corridors in the new buildings. Slip resistance and ease of maintenance were key factors in our decision, and Altro has proved unbeatable in these areas."

Mike Hodds, East Norfolk Sixth Form, UK:

"We have approximately 150,000 guests in the restaurant every year, which places great demands on the flooring in terms of wear and tear. After 22 years to have a low slip risk is both impressive and pleasing. Obviously, we have a desire to ensure maximum safety for our guests, and it must be said that Altro flooring helps us achieve this."

Kenneth Larsen, Owner and Franchisee, McDonald's, Vejle, Denmark:

“Macquarie Uni has used Altro’s safety flooring throughout the science laboratory complex for some years now. We have found that the floor can withstand virtually any punishment the staff and students can dish out. The testing undertaken by Safe Environments validates my decision to use Altro,”

Peter Squibb, Senior Project Manager, Macquarie University, Australia

“Altro XpressLay is an attractive product with a subtle satin finish which gave our clients a nice product that is also easy to clean, but having no adhesive was the magic moment, the big tick. For contractors new to Altro XpressLay and the idea of adhesive-free flooring, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy; trust in the Altro name and get a product that works for the long-term.”

Richard Martin, Pacific Flooring

“Altro XpressLay is so easy to install. There is no uplifting of the base flooring or vinyl, no adhesives, no dust, no stoppage or disruption. It would have taken us at least 6 weeks to lay a conventional vinyl flooring. And if any sections need to be replaced in the future they can be easily cut out and a new one dropped in.”

Matt Bundell , Managing Director, Admiral Flooring

“In a kitchen, where we are constantly moving carts and racks and using pots and pans, acoustics were important when we were specifying for the project. After we installed Altro Stronghold 30, we have reduced the noise in the kitchens, which naturally has a positive effect on job satisfaction.”

Jette Ramsing, Head of Food Service, Herning Central

“Altro Stronghold 30 is beyond comparison; on one hand it offers slip resistance for our workers, helping keep them safe, and on the other, it allows us to clean and maintain the flooring in our installations perfectly. With regard to compliance with safety regulations, we know that in having Altro Stronghold 30, our flooring always exceeds the standard set. Additionally, because it’s so easy to install, it took just one day and we were able to continue with the rest of the project; we would recommend it without hesitation.”

Franco Giuseppe Zirotti, External Architect Consultant, KFC