VOCs are volatile organic compounds that are released into the atmosphere by some substances and products. It is thought that exposure to VOCs can cause problems like sick building syndrome, diminished learning in schools, and reduced productivity in offices. VOCs are typically five times more concentrated indoors than outdoors.

  • Altro floors and walls have undergone rigorous external VOC testing
  • Our floors are compliant with national and international indoor air quality schemes including:
    • FloorScore, the indoor air quality scheme used with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) in North America
    • The FloorScore® flooring certification used in the US is used to assess indoor air quality and is a low emission award
    • FloorScore® certified products meet the indoor emission criteria of the LEED® Green Building Rating System
  • The seal M1 indicates the lowest emission class of the voluntary Finnish emissions classification of building materials. Due to changes in the supply chains and by constantly measuring the VOC emission this has been achieved