Driving the choices we make

Sustainability drives the choices we make. That is why Altro are passionate about supporting the circular economy model.

  • Altro PVC-based products are 100% recyclable pre-installation
  • PVC off-cuts can be recycled
  • We have invested in, and installed, the world's first safety flooring recycling system
  • We can recycle over 500 tonnes of factory waste PVC every year
  • Altro XpressLay was the first safety floor that is 100% recyclable post-consumer – this means after it's been installed it can be rolled up and reused elsewhere and at the end of its life we can then recycle it
  • We have now introduced Altro Wood adhesive-free and expanded the range in Altro Cantata providing more choice of adhesive-free, 100% recyclable and sustainable flooring
  • We have reduced clapper card size sample books that helps reduce CO2 footprint and resources in production and transport
  • AltroSampleWise sample return program has been introduced in North America
  • We have introduced a recycling scheme for sample cards at Letchworth HQ
  • Our teams responsibly recycle batteries
  • Our safety flooring is wrapped using 100% recyclable packaging
  • Over the last year Altro have saved 57.66 tonnes of carbon via our waste management**
** (based on DEFRA official factor tables and reported by ACM)
"There is no such thing as 'away'. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere."

- Annie Leonard, Proponent of Sustainability