We find out how the different sectors we serve need their spaces to perform

"Architecture begins where engineering ends."

- Walter Gropius

The needs of people involved in the construction and use of a building have always been important to us at Altro. A good example is the problem of refurbishing spaces that need to be used 24-7 – we invented adhesive-free safety flooring, which halves installation time, with the benefit of no adhesive odour. It means vital spaces can be up and running again within a day.

We have worked with customers for many years across sectors including hospitals, care homes, education and social housing. We ensure that we have an understanding of the challenges for designers, installers and end users – only by doing this can we develop high quality solutions that perform, and look good.

Andrew Marshall’s view: "A lot of trends, as we know, are kind of cyclical. What was fashion in the 1970s and 1980s is now back on trend again. But the great thing about this is: each trend comes back with the technology that exists now and didn’t exist then".