We value our customers and listen to their needs

“Good architecture should be a projection of life itself, and that implies an intimate knowledge of biological, social, technical, and artistic problems.”

- Walter Gropius

Innovation is at the forefront of what we do, but we don’t do this alone. For 100 years now we’ve known that listening to, and partnering with, our customers is how to meet changing needs and deliver.

How can our building be more sustainable? How do we install better solutions for floors and walls under ever-increasing time pressures? Can simple improvements boost wellbeing, for individuals or on a wide scale? What changes will we see in mental healthcare in the next five years? How important is social media to you in getting installation guidance?

We take every opportunity to hear what you have to say. Since 2008 we have been inviting customers to spend a day with us as part of our ‘voice of the customer’ programme. It’s a day to hear what you have to say about you, about us and our products, and how you want to work with us. It’s an incredibly valuable insight for us, and according to feedback, for you too. Conversations we’ve had have directly led to the introduction of new products, customer service improvements, and changes to our website, amongst others. If you would like to visit us, please get in touch. We also run regular research programmes, seeking opinions across different sectors on a whole host of subjects.